The virtual history of 250 years of naval architecture and shipbuilding at Holmen is the result of the coordinated efforts of The Royal Danish Naval Museum, The Danish National Archives and the Library of the Royal Danish Navy with funding from Kulturnet Danmark.
Curator Frank Allan Rasmussen and chief archivist Birgit Løgstrup, the Danish National Archives, got the idea for the project, raised the necessary funds and took care of the overall management of the project. Nis Maybom from the Danish National Archives, headed the procurement of hard- and software and created and linked the databases. Nis Maybom also headed the typing of the information for the databases as well as the scanning of the many drawings.

Frank Allan Rasmussen, the Royal Danish Naval Museum, was in charge of the graphic design of the web site, wrote the texts, selected the constructional models and headed the photography of the ships, models and buildings.

Gunnar Olsen, the Library of the Royal Danish Navy, headed the processing of the ship register and its innumerous details on the ships of the Danish navy.

The photography of the ship models, machines and figureheads in the Royal Danish Naval Museum was carried out by photographer Jan Engelhardt, while the photography of the buildings at Holmen was done by chief photographer Tage Ludvigsen from the Danish National Archives.

Else Christensen, MA carried out the translation to English, with financial support from the Danish Ministry of Culture’s grant for the archives.

We would like to thank the following for their help and assistance in connection with the project: Secretary Pia Kvistgaarden, the Royal Danish Naval Museum, who typed all the information on the many ships. Webmaster and assisting curator Mogens Dithmer, the Royal Danish Naval Museum who implemented the many ideas and adapted them for the Internet and whose many constructive proposals has had a great impact on the final product.

Assisting student Pernille Sonne, the Royal Danish Naval Museum, who typed the information on the museum’s model collection. Assisting student Mette Mortensen, the Royal Danish Naval Museum, who assisted at the photography. Assisting student Anders Olsen, the Royal Danish Naval Museum, who carried the models, recorded the photography and scanned the photos. Assisting student Søren Nørby, the Royal Danish Naval Museum, who helped taking out the artifacts and Inga B. Thomas who coordinated this effort.

We also express our warm thanks to Pia Vigh, Gitte Pedersen and Hans Møller Jensen from Kulturnet Danmark for the funding, encouragement and guidance.