It is our intention to create a better understanding of the interaction between technology and science, art and culture. Experience shows that through the 18th century modern technology and science was imported from abroad and adapted to Danish conditions. We have, in other words, tried to produce a virtual history of Denmark which, taking naval architecture and shipbuilding at Holmen as its starting point, highlights the relationship between technological development and artistic expression.

The fact that Danish artisans and officers brought knowledge of technical innovations to Denmark has produced a large amount of material detailing the technological development in a number of European countries. This information can now be found in the Royal Danish Naval Museum and in the Danish National Archives. This project therefore also contains a database on the models and drawings found here. The project is based primarily on the scanning of a large selection of drawings from the Danish National Archives and on the photography and digitalization of the many models of the Royal Danish Naval Museum. By scanning in a very high resolution it is now possible for the Royal Danish Naval Museum and the Danish National Archives to make this information available on the Internet. At the same time this process represents a major step forward towards more safety and better conditions for the preservation of irreplaceable national treasures.

It is our wish to reach a broad audience. International users have been of special concern to us since their opportunity to view the collections is very limited due to the geographical distance. We have therefore chosen to provide the virtual part as well as the databases with an English version.