Although the main part of the model collection consists of ship- and constructional models, it also contains a large collection of machines and mechanical devices. An essential part of this, however, was lost during the fire of 1795. The oldest excisiting technical model dates from 1735. The model is a piece of preparatory work for the present Rigging sheers at Nyholm. Dating from the period from 1750 and until 1850 we find a number of beautiful and instructive scale models of various technical devices relating to shipbuilding; slipways, pile drivers, cranes, dredges, pumps and fire pumps. In addition we find a collection of models of fittings and equipment such as cabooses, rudders, steering-gear, masts, tops, steering-wheels, anchors, floor-timber, main-frames and bilge-pumps.
In the early 19th century a collection of machine tools was started. Here we find such devices as machines for carving out blocks, a machine for carving sheaves out of lignum vitae, a turning lathe for the carving of cylindrical and conical objects and a machine for punching holes in copper plates. In their own unique way these mechanical models illustrate the accomplishments of maritime technology at that time.
The main part of these models was made at the dock yard’s own workshop and used for illustrating mechanical principles. Others had originally been sent to the Construction Committee by Danish as well as foreign producers. Finally, a large number was brought home from abroad in connection with the construction officers´ espionage trips.